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We Target Attachment
People experience life through bias anchoring. Many biases are cultural and have been adopted subconsciously over a lifetime of silent training. These biases are toe-holds which we at HiJuxt use to inject client messaging. We specialize in accessing customer bias and exploiting it to become memorable.

We Target Networks
Recognizing that like-minded groups have identifiable and addressable biases, we can craft messages that cause heightened resonance in target Networks. Human interaction circles operate similarly to Neural Networks where the correct message at the correct interval can cause outsized Network resonance. We help our clients capitalize on this effect.

We Tailor Opportunities
There are countless ways to spend a marketing budget. We at HiJuxt analyze your organizations Trajectory and find your opportunity space. Once we identify your target Networks, we craft a campaign around your intended message recipients. Because we know your target audience, we know how to tap their pre-conditioned biases and implant your message.

We Craft Content
We enable our clients to bridge their message into their desired audience's life. We craft our campaigns to exploit Network Resonance, securing for our clients a strong emotional bond and the associated behavior change.